Terms of Service

  • The company owns unique,authentic and international standard brands to attract long terms clients
  • The advertisement includes advanced internal marketing strategies to target all types of clients including high-end clients
  • The advert massively increases the chance of finding a buyer, on average by more than thousands or tens of thousands times but it does not guarantee 100% that the product will be sold
  • The advert is placed on 0% commission company policy
  • The latter means that if the product is sold, no other commissions are charged towards the seller or the buyer
  • But if the product is not sold, the client will be required to purchase additional advertising package to keep the product online
  • Once the order is placed and the design(or photographs/video) have been taken, the adverting fees paid are not refundable
  • The advert is posted within 24-48 hours after full payments
  • Full payment is required before the advert is posted publicly
  • Because once posted online-the advert is directly placed in front of existing clients who are already visiting our platforms,following us on social media and new potential clients
  • The advert is not a brokerage service,the company does not get involved in negotiation on behalf of the seller or the buyer
  • The company simply advertises.both the seller and the buyer have the responsibilities to check the genuineness and legality
  • The client agrees and choose the contact number he prefers to be made public
  • The company will not share or provide personal information such as the name


Thank you, once again for placing the order with us! We work in your best interest